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NSGC's 40th Annual Conference

September 22-26, 2021 | Virtual
Earn additional status and benefits through sponsorship & advertising opportunities
As your sponsorship spend increases, so do your benefits! 
NSGC's 40th Annual Conference sponsorship opportunities are designed to increase your company’s exposure and grow lead generation at the event. By taking advantage of these sponsorship opportunities you are automatically enrolled in our sponsorship tier program. Each tier provides additional benefits to our partners based on overall Annual Conference sponsorship spend. For more information on sponsorship levels, opportunities, or custom packages, please contact Emily Marxer at or 312.673.5502.
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The NSGC Premier Sponsorship program is designed to maximize your visibility to our audience of Genetic Counselors on a year-round basis. Click here to learn more.
Sponsorship Tiers & Benefits:
Please Note: Booth purchase is excluded from the total dollar spend amount used to determine sponsor level. Program book recognition will be fulfilled for all contracts confirmed by June 25, 2021.
  Diamond Platinum Gold Silver General  
Sponsorship Spend
Sponsor ribbons/tags for company personnel manning exhibit booths
Logo recognition on signage
Logo recognition in Program Book (must be contracted by 6.25.21)
Logo recognition and acknowledgment during plenary sessions
Logo recognition online
Number of priority points toward space selection
Number of sponsored meal session priority points
Number of complimentary full conference registrations
Sponsorship & Advertising
Branding - Digital     |     Branding - Attendee Swag*     |     Engagement     |     Networking     |     Education
Branding Opportunities - Digital
Branding opportunities at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference are built to maximize brand exposure before, during, and after the conference – increasing your brand equity and keeping your company top of mind with these digital opportunities.
*All items are subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.

Conference WiFi - $15,000 (Exclusive)  SOLD OUT

Be recognized as the exclusive wireless sponsor at the conference for all meeting space and common areas. Receive  recognition in the Program Book, onsite signage and the network name (if applicable at venue). Network name and  password approval pending NSGC review. In the event that the conference is fully virtual, you will be recognized as a supporter of the conference platform which includes recognition on the platform and in pre-conference marketing materials.

Pre-Plenary Video SOLD OUT
Exclusive Sponsor - $10,000
Per day - $5,000 (Limited Availability)

Promote your company with a short video that runs within 5 minutes prior to all sessions taking place in the plenary  session room as attendees enter and is repeated as they depart. Video will run on monitors just outside of the plenary session room. Showcase your company with this fun and interactive  sponsorship. Video subject to review and approval by NSGC. In the event that the conference is fully virtual, this sponsorship will convert to a pop-up video within the platform lasting for (1) day or throughout the main conference days.
Deadline to participate: July 15, 2021.

Twitter Wall - $8,000 (Exclusive)

In 2021, NSGC estimates over 8,000 tweets will be sent using the #NSGC21 conference hashtag. Join in the conversation  on Twitter by sponsoring the virtual platform’s social media page with embedded twitter feed. Your logo will be displayed on the social media page and will also include (2) sponsored Twitter posts during the conference. All content and distribution dates are at the discretion of NSGC and subject to review.

Mobile App Splash Page Sponsor - $7,500 SOLD OUT

Gain valuable exposure for your brand by sponsoring the mobile app splash page. The NSGC app is downloaded by  attendees and exhibitors to find the agenda, session and speaker descriptions, and all other vital info for the conference.  Your logo will be featured on the opening page in additional to a rotating banner ad (rotating banner ads are non-exclusive).

Virtual Platform Push Notifications - $2,000 (Limited Availability)

Reach conference attendees on their mobile devices directly! Connect with attendees by sending a push notification directly to the home. In 2021, NSGC estimates over 2,700 downloads. Your company creates  a message of up to 140 characters and NSGC will push this out to attendees. Messages will reach those who have downloaded the app. Content of message subject to NSGC approval and will be sent at time mutually agreed upon with  NSGC. Final decision on release of this message is at the discretion of show management. Not available for promotion of  sponsored meal sessions.

Session Transcription - $5,000

Help everyone to enjoy NSGC’s education sessions! Sponsor live transcription services to provide closed captioning service for all education sessions. Sponsor will be recognized in the opening session and featured throughout the virtual platform.

Branding Opportunities - Attendee Swag*
*Virtual Audience is the first 1,500 non-exhibitor attendees registered for the online conference experience. DEADLINE TO PARTICIPATE IS SEPTEMBER 7.
Registration Bags - Both In-Person + Virtual Audiences $8,500 + Expenses (Exclusive)  SOLD OUT
In-Person Audience Only - $6,000 + Expenses (Exclusive)  SOLD OUT
Virtual Audience Only - $6,000 + Expenses (Exclusive) SOLD OUT

Market your company directly to attendees by sponsoring the conference registration bags. Co-branded registration bags will be distributed to attendees. Sponsor also receives one (1)  complimentary insert. 
Sponsor provides registration bags; subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.

Sports Bottles - Virtual Audience - $8,500 + Expenses (Exclusive) 

“Go Green” and supply each of the conference attendees with a reusable sports bottle. The sports bottle will be  distributed with the attendee conference registration bags and pairs well with the Hydration Station Sponsorship  opportunity. Sponsor provides sports bottle; subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.  Registration bags will be mailed to virtual attendees upon request.

Apparel Sponsorship - Virtual Audience - $8,500 + Expenses (Exclusive)
Take advantage of this exclusive sponsorship opportunity. Market your company directly to attendees by sponsoring the  official NSGC 40th Annual Conference Apparel. Provide a shirt, hat or sweatshirt to all attendees co-branded with the NSGC  40th Annual Conference logo. Sponsor provides apparel item; subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC 40th Annual Conference logo.

Notepads - Virtual Audience =- $7,000 + Expenses (Exclusive) SOLD OUT

Provide attendees with a place to take notes by providing the NSGC conference notepads. Notepads will be distributed at  registration to all attendees with their materials for continuous recognition. Sponsor provides notepads; subject to NSGC  approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.

Technology Sanitation Wipes - Virtual Audience - $5,600 + Expenses (Exclusive)

Provide attendees with a way to keep their most-used items clean and sanitized with technology sanitation wipes. Wipe packets will be distributed  to attendees with their materials, for continuous recognition. Sponsor  provides wipes, branded with company and NSGC logo, subject to NSGC approval.

Blue Light Glasses - Virtual Audience - $4,900 + Expenses (Exclusive) 
Keep your brand right in front of attendee’s noses with a pair of blue light glasses. Production and shipping costs to NSGC are the responsibility of sponsor. NSGC covers collation and distribution costs. 

Post-It® Notes - Virtual Audience - $4,200 + Expenses (Exclusive)
Maximize your company’s brand presence by sponsoring Post-It® Notes printed with your company logo or sales message. Sponsor provides Post-It® Notes; subject to NSGC approval, including company logo and NSGC logo.

Hand Lotion - Virtual Audience - $4,200 + Expenses (Exclusive)
Nourish attendee’s hands after frequent hand washing with travel-sized hand lotion. Lotions will be distributed to all attendees with their materials, for continuous recognition. Sponsor provides lotions, branded with  company and NSGC logo, subject to NSGC approval.

Hand Sanitizer - Virtual Audience - $4,200 + Expenses (Exclusive)
Help keep attendees safe while on the go by providing travel-size hand sanitizers printed with your company logo and/  or message. Sanitizers will be distributed to all attendees with their materials, for continuous recognition.  Sponsor provides hand sanitizer, subject to NSGC approval, including company logo and NSGC logo.

Highlighter/Pen - Virtual Audience =- $4,200 SOLD OUT
Be the highlight of attendees’ notes during the conference! Receive maximum exposure as attendees are sure to use the  highlighters/pens throughout the event and beyond. The highlighters/pens will be distributed with registration materials.  Subject to NSGC approval, the sponsor provides highlighter/pen to include company logo and NSGC logo.

In-Session Door Hangers - Virtual Audiences - $4,200 + Expenses (Exclusive)
Help attendees stay engaged with in-session door hangers. Sponsor provides door hangers, branded with company and NSGC logo, subject to NSGC approval.

Registration Bag Insert - Virtual Audience - $3,500 + Expenses (8 Available)
Place your company’s one-page promotional material for attendees throughout the conference. Sponsor must provide materials. NSGC will confirm final quantity. Content subject to NSGC approval.

Engagement Opportunities
Engagement opportunities at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference are designed to encourage attendees to associate your brand with meaningful connection and industry support – driving brand awareness and traffic to your virtual exhibit.
*All items are subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.

RARE Science, Inc - RARE Bear Material Sponsorship  SOLD OUT
$15,000 Exclusive
$10,000 Shared

Partner with NSGC and Rare Science, Inc. for a fun event to support children with rare disease. The RARE Bear Stuff-  and-Sew will take place in the exhibit hall with the goal of creating 100 RARE Bears during the conference! Your logo and acknowledgment of your sponsorship will appear on signage in the virtual platform for the RARE Science, Inc - RARE Bear and on all NSGC materials promoting the event, including emails, signage and slides used to provide  daily updates on progress. Sponsor support is for the materials needed to create the RARE Bears.

Job Board Sponsor - $5,000

Promote your company’s logo and name alongside the official virtual NSGC Job Board. Sponsor can  display promotional literature next to job board along with a premier job listing. Content subject to NSGC approval.

Sponsor a Non-Profit Booth - $1,750 (Limited Availability)
Help a non-profit booth exhibit at NSGC! Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020 and 2021, many organizations are facing reduced funding. Help peers attend NSGC and keep the GC industry connected. Sponsoring company will be recognized in sponsored company’s booth as well as throughout the event venue in dedicated signage.
Networking Opportunities
Networking opportunities at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference are designed to encourage attendees to associate your brand with meaningful connection, wellness, and excitement – driving brand awareness and traffic to your virtual exhibit.
*All items are subject to NSGC approval, to include company logo and NSGC logo.

Scholarship Opportunity - $12,000

Providing NSGC members with opportunities to further their practice and professional development is a cornerstone to  our Society. NSGC 40th Annual Conference scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have met the required criteria and have  been selected by the Scholarship Subcommittee. 
Sponsor Benefits:

  • Logo recognition throughout Scholarship Program Materials
  • Thank you sign placed in sponsor booth
  • Recognition during the conference General Session
Contact a sales representative for additional information.

Wellness Activity - Per Break - $3,000 + Expenses

Help NSGC attendee’s stay happy and healthy while attending the NSGC 40th Annual Conference! Sponsor wellness activities such as  chair yoga, meditation sessions, or talks with occupational therapists and dietitians during predetermined breaks in the NSGC conference schedule. NSGC will market the individual wellness sessions in the  Program Book, virtual platform, and in a promotional conference email. Sponsor is responsible for booking wellness activity and costs associated with activity. Activity is subject to prior approval by NSGC.

Refreshment Breaks - Per Break - $6,500 + Expenses

Genetic counselors will appreciate a complimentary refreshment during conference breaks! Sponsorship includes the distribution of a $5 gift card to up to 200 NSGC registrants during a refreshment break promoted on the annual conference main schedule! NSGC to purchase and send gift card on behalf of sponsor. Sponsorship includes dedicated 15 minute break and meeting room for sponsor and attendees to mingle and connect.

Passport to Prizes Program - $1,500 (Limited Availability)

This program drives traffic to booths of participating vendors and generates additional floor traffic throughout the entire Exhibitor Suite. Attendees explore the Exhibitor Suite and have their digital passport “stamped” from each of the  participating exhibitors. All completed entries will be eligible for a prize drawing that will be conducted in the final hours  the Exhibitor Suite is open. Sponsors are required to provide the prize(s) to be awarded.

Education Opportunities
Education opportunities at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference are unique occasions to showcase your team as influential opinion leaders in the genetic services industry. 

Learning Lounge Presentation - $6,500 (1 Remaining Available) 

This sponsorship allows your company to sponsor an entire day in the Learning Lounge. Throughout the day, speakers will  present quick hit presentations and your company will receive one time slot during that timeframe to speak to a targeted  group of attendees who want to learn more about your specific product(s) and/or service(s). In addition, this opportunity  includes recognition in the learning lounge, digital branding, option to provide collateral and ability to scan and greet  all attendees.  

Sponsored Industry Symposia (Formerly Sponsored Meal Sessions) SOLD OUT
Morning - $5,750 + Expenses (Limited Availability) SOLD OUT
Afternoon - $6,750 + Expenses (Limited Availability) SOLD OUT

This is your company’s dedicated session to provide thought leadership on a topic relevant to the Genetic Counselor  audience. Seminars are slotted in late Spring for all of those who have requested to sponsor a session. Your session will  be promoted via the NSGC registration portal, Onsite Guide, and Mobile App. Sponsor required to provide meals for in-  person attendees who register for their session. Food & beverage cost is not included in the sponsorship fee. Sessions will also be recorded and provided to the virtual audience. If the event transitions to fully virtual, all sessions will transition to fully online with no food and beverage requirement. Companies have the option to apply for CEUs for their session, following all NSGC CEU guidelines and policies.

Poster Sessions - $5,000 for both Poster Center and Posters with Authors Sessions (Exclusive) SOLD OUT

In 2020, more than 350 posters were presented at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference. Posters are displayed for the duration of the conference in the high-visibility Poster Center. The conference also features three highly attended Posters with Authors  Sessions, during which attendees can speak one-on-one with the abstract authors. Sponsor company logo will be  featured at the entrance to the poster center in-person and included in marketing collateral related to the poster center. 

Education Grant - $2,500 (Minimum)

Looking for a chance to provide NSGC’s members with new opportunities? Then become an educational grant sponsor  and provide general unrestricted support for the conference education. Sponsors will be recognized on the NSGC  Website, preliminary program, Program Book (pending print deadlines) as well as in plenary sessions.

Print Advertising Opportunities - SOLD OUT
Onsite program book opportunities at the NSGC 40th Annual Conference are premium opportunities to maximize your company's message exposure during and after the conference in the hands of every attendee – increasing your brand equity and keeping your company top of mind with these print opportunities.

Onsite Program Book Sponsor - $5,000 (Exclusive) SOLD OUT

Sponsor the conference program book and put your company’s brand right into the hands of more than 2,500 attendees! The program book is provided to every attendee at registration and is their guide to the event, as it includes the schedule, session listings, exhibitor listings, maps, and more. Sponsorship includes logo recognition on front cover of program book and a full-page ad placed prominently in the early portion of the book. Sponsor ad content subject to NSGC approval.

Onsite Program Book Advertising (Total of seven (7) full page ads available)
Exclusive Sponsor - $5,000  SOLD OUT
Inside Front Cover - $2,500 SOLD OUT
Inside Back Cover - $2,500 SOLD OUT
Full Page - $2,000 (Limit 7) SOLD OUT
Half Page - $1,450 (Limit 5) SOLD OUT

Ad artwork must be approved by NSGC. All advertising submissions are subject to approval by NSGC.  Specs and deadlines are as follows:
Full Page Specs
Trim size: 8.5 x 11.25; live area: 7.5 x 10
Half Page Specs
Trim size: 8.5 x 5.5; bleed size: 8.75 x 5.75; live area: 7.5 x 5
Ad reservation deadline: June 25, 2021
Ad artwork deadline: July 9, 2021

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